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6 Flexible Ways Any College Student Can Make Extra Money (And Build Their Resume)

6 Flexible Ways Any College Student Can Make Extra Money (And Build Their Resume)6 Flexible Ways Any College Student Can Make Extra Money (And Build Their Resume)When youre a college student, it never hurtsto earn some extra money. Going out with friends, buying new clothes,getting that extra-large iced coffee, theres plenty of stuff you can dowith your hard-earned cash. The only problem is finding a way to make moneywithout derailing your academic, social, or personal life. Plus, the job searchis made that much harder by thinking about what looks good on your resume.Thats where comes in. Theyre the hub that connects millions offamilies around the world with caregivers for their children, relatives, and pets.Theyre also one of the best places for college students to find gigs that workwith a hectic academic schedule and make some extra money. You set your own rate, hours, andavailabilityand they help you connect with a family that matches thoserequirements. Here are six amaz ing opportunities offers that anycollege student can take on.1. BabysittingBabysitting is one of the fruchtwein vital skills inthe money-making toolkit of college students. Traditionally jobs were foundwith local references and luck. But with, you can find a babysittingjob near your school or hometown without any of the guesswork. You can match withfamilies and children who need your help.2. TutoringYou know how to study and learnafter all,its basically your full-time job while youre at college. Youve also pickedan area (or two) that youve chosen to make your specialty. Share yourknowledge and your study skills with an eager child, teenager, or peer bytutoring them through a short matter of time, you could berunning your own tutoring business, building valuable time management andbusiness skills, and developing something shiny and new for your resume.3. Taking Care Of The Elderly Eldercare is just as important aschildcareand its in demand. If youve got experience with or an interest inassisting the elderly, this is an excellent way to make money while helpingsomeone maintain the quality of life they deserve. You can walk away from thisjob and know that you made a difference in someones life. Hows that for abonus?4. Pet Sitting/WalkingWho doesnt love pets? Whether youre a catconnoisseur, dedicated dog-walker, bird buff, or a jack-of-all-trades petsitter, there could be a job for you on Help pet owners keep theiranimal friends happy and cared for while theyre on vacation, at work, orotherwise occupiedand get paid doing it.5. HousekeepingAre you organized and hard-working? Thenparte-time housekeeping might be the perfect side hustle for you. Keeping thingstidy is the name of the game, and the schedule is yours to set. Find the rightfamily to work with through nowand get to work immediately. 6. NannyingNannying is like babysitting, but with more ofa time commitment and a focus on the childs development. Youll bond w ith thechild (or children) as you help them for longer hours on a more regular basisand ensure theyre staying on track. If you have experience with or have takenclasses in child safety or childhood development, you might be a perfect fitfor a nannying job listed on Now And Start Working ASAPThe best part of working with Youdont have to pick just one of these jobs. Based on your schedule, interests,and how much youre looking to earn, you can find a gig that works for you.Earning money on a busy schedule has never been easier than it is right is a great way to do it.Plus, isnt just a way to earn money.Youre adding valuable experience to your resume while you work, because yourebasically running your own business. You manage relationships with clients,build a network and market yourself. All of these are valuable professionalskills that could make you a better candidate for future roles and help youlater on in your career.Ready to get st arted? Check out Care.comon WayUp to apply to open roles today

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What You Can Do About Super Resume Starting in the Next 8 Minutes

What You Can Do About Super Resume Starting in the Next 8 Minutes All About Super Resume LinkedIn is a huge site in order to share you articles and insights to individuals who might be future employers, or read articles to broaden your own understanding. Many resumes are straightforward, providing the employer only with the information which they need and concerning the particular position. Top Super Resume Secrets You require a great mixture of likes and dislikes. Steer clear of the dislikes which you are very likely to face in the job youre interviewing for. You wish to assist their team grow, not just have a job for the interest of experiencing a job. The Hidden Facts on Super Resume Youre able to supplement whats on the webpage with links to your work but you need to motivate the hiring manager to take the excess step required. Based on the business, the submission procedure will be different. Whats more, you can draft your resumes in a cell browser, although we advis e you to use a flachrechner to totally utilize Super-Resumes potential. The End of Super Resume You should direct the resume based on the requirements of the employer if you would like a positive reaction. Plus simply because your home is there now, doesnt mean that you wont move after you receive the job. Dont pretend that you dont ever get stressed out in your prior job. The job, the market, and the institution proved not the ideal fit for me. What the In-Crowd Wont Tell You About Super Resume As a construction site supervisor, youre utilised to seeing a plan through from start to complete, therefore it is sensible to approach your job search the same. You ought to make sure that you have at least something on there. Be apologetic. however, it is an excellent method to find attention. Avoid saying that your preceding job is extremely relaxing. Super Resume Your experience needs to be laden with words which demonstrate action and ought to reveal the effect of your effor t. Ultimately, check you have prioritised the essential skills, experience and values. In reality, at the present time, my job doesnt entail a great deal of data science, but more so basic analysis and reporting. Some examples on how your final job provided the aussicht for you to flex your expertise will be useful. Want to Know More About Super Resume? Because as soon as you have provided your private information, or youve uploaded a current document, drafting becomes a lot simpler. The upcoming free resume template was made in the shape of a brochure. In case the template has space for an address you can set it.

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Business Casual Jeans for Women Dos and Donts

geschftliches miteinander Casual Jeans for Women Dos and Donts I totenstill remember what I wore on the first day of my first-ever internship black dress pants, cute flats, and a tailored blouse. As I waited in the lobby to meet my boss, the other interns shuffled in. The guys were all rocking khakis and button downs (surprise, surprise), and my lone female counterpart was wearing a tailored blouse, cute flats, and to my horror, black jeans. I had a brief panic attack on her behalf - the welcome email from HR had clearly said we should all be dressed geschftlicher umgang casual. Surely jeans didnt qualify or did they?I learned a major lesson that day dress codes like business casual are highly context dependent.So, are jeans appropriate business casual attire or not?The short answer is they can be. A lot has changed since my internship nearly 10 years ago. American workplaces continue to relax their dress codes, and jeans (and even leggings) at the office are becoming more and more c ommon. That said, whether or not you should rock denim depends on 1) the situation, i.e. where you work and the occasion and 2) the type of jeans and how you wear them. (And if all this talk about dress codes and jeans has you going nuts, check out these remote jobs where youre free to wear shorts, jeans, or no pants at all)When Not To Wear Jeans?Interviews, first days, or if you work in an industry where the men dress like this Photo Credit midtownuniform(Looking at you, finance and consulting)When To Wear Jeans?If most people (not just the tech team) are dressed like this If youre dealing with a startup or tech company known for their less-than-business-casual attire, then jeans might be exactly the right choice for your interview/first day. That said, it still doesnt hurt to look a bit nicer by opting for casual slacks and a fitted top. Just because your interviewers rocking a hoodie and a beard doesnt mean you have t o...Still not koranvers what your (potential) employer considers business casual?If youre on the fence, go with a skirt or slacks so you dont have to wonder if youve done business casual right you can hide your nerves behind a killer outfit. And lets be honest - a pair of tailored but loose fitting trousers are way more comfortable than suffocating skinny jeans anyway.When Else Can You Wear Jeans?Just about any other timeOutside of the aforementioned industries and situations, theres no reason you cant incorporate jeans in your business casual rotation. The key, however, is to continue looking professional while you do.Follow these tips to master the art of business casual denim1. Dress them up, not down - Balance casual bottoms with dressier tops and accessories, or pair your jeans with a blazer to create a crisp, professional look. A pair of heels or dressy flats can also help ensure your jeans dont look too casual. Photo Credit Ann Taylor2. Keep it neat - Make sure your jeans are free of any rips or tears (even the intentional ones), and steer clear of bleached or heavily faded looks. Photo Credit Levis3. Find your fit - Unfortunately, as women, were constantly playing Goldie Lox with our clothes - not too loose or too tight just right. The same is true with jeans in the workplace. You want them to be fitted and flattering, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or impractical (as someone who once ripped her pants wide open while squatting to lift a box in the office, trust me on this). *Quick Tip* - when youre trying on jeans (or any clothes for the office), dont just walk around - sit down If you feel your butt hanging out, go for a different pair. After all, youll likely be seated most of the day and you dont want to be constantly worrying that your underwears exposed.4. Go dark - As a general rule, darker blue jeans look much more polished than light ones. And some black jeans are n early indistinguishable from slacks. Photo Credit Levis Photo Credit Ann TaylorWrapping It UpSo, should my coworker have shown up in jeans on day one? Probably not. Was it the end of the world because she did? Definitely not. They were black, professional looking jeans and she clearly had put effort into her appearance. As the definition of business casual continues to evolve and companies disregard business casual altogether in favor a more laid-back vibe, the most important thing is that you continue to feel comfortable. Whether that means blending in or standing out, dressing up or dressing down, make sure that you like how you look and feel good about yourself. Because while its true that when you look good, you feel good, its also true that when you feel good, you look good. ---And again, if office dress codes have you stressed out, consider these remote jobs where you can wear whatever kind of pants you want, or non e at all RISE UP THROUGH OUR FREE COMMUNITY Network with top executives even if you arent looking for a new role First look at flexible, work-from-home, in-office roles Join live chats led by expert women in your field and beyond Sign Up Related Articles Around the Web Wearing Business Casual Jeans- 21 Ways to Wear Jeans at Work Aki Merced

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These are the 25 worst gifts that employees have gotten

These are the 25 worst giftstoffs that employees have gottenThese are the 25 worst gifts that employees have gottenWhen the spirit of generosity infects your boss during the holiday season, the employees of the boss may pay the price. In a new survey from corporate gifting company Snappy, over 1,000 employees weighed in on the worst gifts their bosses have gotten them and revealed awkward gift exchanges that will leave you cringing and wondering Why???25 schwimmbad gifts from bossesTerrible gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but every bad office gift has the same malfunction the gifts cross boundaries from professional into the unwanted and grossly personal. Employees in the survey received intimate items involving urinals and adult entertainment.Here are 25 of the worst ones that employees said they received from their supervisorPuka Shell necklacePotatoUrinal with popcorn in itStale candy in a used mugPlastic wall phoneGas station wineFoot lotionRubber duckLottery ticketsSquatty PottyShampooFart in a glassJumper cablesWhoopee cushionBananasBroomPink slipTurkey/HamPair of scissorsA copy of Magic MikeMultivitaminsBibleBookmarkSocksIf you think you can escape getting a bad gift from the boss, think again. The probability of managers giving their employees gifts is high. More than half of employees in a recent staffing firm survey said that they planned to give out year-end gifts. To avoid the pitfalls of these bad gifts, bosses need to remember their place as the person in charge of their employees livelihoods.You may be collegial, but you are not family. It is possible to be thoughtful and professional if you remember places your employees frequent. And it does not need to cost money. A thoughtful card noting appreciation and respect can go a long way.Ultimately, bosses should recognize that a physical gift is an extra gesture, and is not needed. People dont expect extravagant gifts from their managers, even if the company itself goes a more luxe route, Ask a Managers Alison Green advises. And frankly, managers dontneedto give their staff gifts at all, although its a thoughtful gesture if you choose to.

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8 Warning Signs of a Job Scam, and More in the News!

8 Warning Signs of a Job Scam, and More in the berichterstattung8 Warning Signs of a Job Scam, and More in the News18 Warning Signs of a Job Scam on CBS NewsIf you were hoping to get a flexible job or work-from-home position, theres never been a better time. The number of flexible and home-based jobs are soaring partly because companies have found that they can save money and hire better workers by giving them the ability to set their own hours or work remotely. Experts at job search sites report that theyre seeing a massive rise in demand for everything from minimum-wage call center employees to part-time professionals, who can command generous salaries.5 Ways Telecommuting and Flex Time Help You Recruit the Best Workers on Entrepreneur.comEntrepreneurs often hesitate to hire new employees, even when they need to. There are significant costs involved both in time and money for the recruiting and hiring process, not to mention the stress of actually finding the right part with the ri ght skills. And you do want to find the right person According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the current estimated cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30 percent of the individuals first-year potential earnings. That means a single bad hire with an income of $50,000 can equal a potential $15,000 loss for an employer.New Study Shows Working Mothers Are Still Penalized on ChamberofCommerce.comSlowly but surely, work flexibility is becoming the norm in the workplace. More and more companies are offering flexible schedules to their employees. Still, a bias exists in the workplace that favors working fathers over working mothers, according to a new study.In the new study from Michelle Budig, a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, working fathers tend to be rewarded for their paternal status, and working mothers are penalized. This is ironic, since 71 percent of mothers with children at home work, and a whopping 40 percent are the primary breadwinner.Are You a Workaholic? Tips for Getting Your Life Back on Business News DailyDo you find yourself spending more and more time in the office? Have you given up on hobbies and leisure activities you once enjoyed because youre constantly doing work? Do you throw yourself into your work to avoid issues in your personal life? If you answered yes to these questions, youve just confirmed what you probably already knew to be true Youre a workaholic.In 2012, researchers from Norways University of Bergen (UiB) and the United Kingdoms Nottingham Trent University developed the Bergen Work Addiction Scale, a simple test to determine an employees level of work addiction. The test asks workers to rate the following seven work habits on a scale of 1 (never) to 5 (always).5 Surprising Facts About Freelance Jobs Today on Huffington PostOver one third of the U.S. workforce are now freelancers, according to a recent survey. Think about that- 34 percent of people working in America right now are freelancing , working contract positions for one or more clients. What we used to think of as typical freelance jobs are still in the mix- writing, graphic design, business consulting- but it turns out there is a huge variety of freelance work to be had. My gruppe recently dug into the data to find some pretty interesting facts about freelance jobs.4 Ways to Get a Recommendation from Your Boss on Salary.comIt may be one of the hardest conversations youll have to have with your boss.Asking for a recommendation can certainly be stressful, awkward, and a bit unpleasant. After all, you never know what your boss reaction might be to the news that youre essentially looking to leave the company. But if youre in the market for a new job, youll inevitably need a referral from your current jefe. Heres how to ask your boss for a recommendation.6 Ways to Earn Extra Income Through Writing on Freelance Writing JobsFrom the time you could hold a crayon in your hand, you knew that you wanted to be a writer. Wr iting is not only your career, but the way you express yourself to the world. Thing is, freelance writing jobs can be sporadic at best, so you need to be creative when it comes to keeping a steady income. Put pen to paper- and get paid- with these six ways to earn extra income through writing.Readers, what are the warning signs of a job scam that make you steer clear? Share your best tips to help one another out

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5 Things Your Résumé Is Not

5 Things Your Rsum Is Not5 Things Your Rsum Is NotYou know you need arsumin order to get a job. But have you taken the time to step back from thersum-writing process to ask yourself what arsumis and isnt? Fundamentally, it is important to recognize that yourrsumis your marketing document. Its purpose is to garner enough interest in you to get an employer to think This person may well have the capacity to do the workassociated with the job that needs to be filled. And once an employer has reviewed yourrsumand initiated contact with you for a phone or in-person interview, it has successfully fulfilled its purpose. When you speak with recruiters or others who regularly reviewrsums, youll learn that the vast majority of people have ill-conceived notions of what makes arsumcompelling. To help you evaluate yourrsumin terms of todays best practices, bear in mind all the things that arsumis not1. Yourrsumis not your autobiography. It is not the story of your whole life. It is a business d ocument that should not include a picture of yourself or personal information about your marital status, children, sexual identity or age. Your political leanings and religious beliefs or affiliations should only be included if they are relevant to the particular job for which you seek consideration. You need not include every job you ever had or everything you ever did or were responsible for at those jobs.Typically, you dont need to go back more than 10 to 15 years on arsumand should make a logical cutoff depending on your work history. While everything you claim on yourrsummust be accurate, there isno rule thatsays it has to be all-inclusive.You can simply state under you earliest listed job Details of prior employment history are available upon request.2. Yourrsumis not a list of your job descriptions and responsibilities. Perhaps the most commonrsummistake is making it therecord of the things you were supposed to doin your various roles without including how you went about fu lfilling those responsibilities or what results you achieved.3. Yourrsumis not about your aspirations.Put simply, employers wont be impressed to read that they hold the key to the job of your dreams. On the other hand, they will be impressed when you show them how and why you are the candidate of their dreams. Employers care about what you have to offer and the value you can contribute to the company you seek to join. Thats why objective statements are out and personal branding statements are in at the top of well-craftedrsums.4. Yourrsumis not an employment application. What? Of course, it is you exclaim. Its how I tell an employer that I want to be considered for a job. You wonder why it isnt an application. Many companies will have their own application forms that candidates fill out at or around the time of their first in-person interview. By signing the document, you often consent to background or other checks and attest that all the information you give about prior employme nt and anything else on the form is truthful. You thereby acknowledge that if unfavorable information is revealed, or if the employer discovers that any information you provide is untruthful, you may be immediately excluded from further consideration, or fired if you have already begun to work at the company. Yourrsummay be fairly considered as the grounds for which you seek to be considered. As such, everything you include in it must be entirely accurate. But it doesnt constitute in and of itself a formal job applicationdocument.5. Yourrsumis not a list of your actions. A functionalrsumfocuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history, writes Alison Doyle, job search expert for The problem with this kind of format, however, is that it muddles what you did, where you did it and when you did it. That makes it difficult for decision-makers to determine your overall career development. Moreover, because people who are fighting age discr imination or returning to the workforce after an extended absence often favor this format, it raises a red flag about what you are trying to mask by not giving a simple, straightforward, chronological story. Yourrsumis ultimately your unique story of professional experience including challenges, what you did and what you attained. It tells the story of a discrete set of work activities, the skills youve attained and theeducation and credentials that enable you to perform as a valued employee. When you choose relevant facts to include and weave them together in a way that shows youre the answer to an employers needs, youll stimulate interest in what you have to offer. At that point, youll most likely get that all-important invitation to begin a dialogue. Happy huntingArnie Fertig, MPA, is passionate about helping hisJobhuntercoachclients advance their careers by transforming frantic Ill apply to anything searches into focused hunts for great fit opportunities. He brings to each client the extensive knowledge he gained when working in HR staffing and managing his boutique recruiting firm.

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Virtual Solicitors

Virtual SolicitorsVirtual SolicitorsThe UKlegal industry isseeing agrowing trend of solicitors embracing the freelance life, according to The Times (London)This new breed is far removed from old-style locums. They are coming together in virtual law firms models differ but a popular one involves solicitors working on an earn-as-you-work basis, from home or sometimes the clients office, with the practice providing centralised administration, support and marketing.The recession means that the future is encouraging for such firms. Redundancy rounds have led many solicitors to rethink their lives, while in-house lawyers face big pressures to cut costs. This increases the appeal of a firm where you pay for the advice but not the fancy City office. In the US, weve seen a proliferation of new model firms (or firms?) such Axiom, Virtual Law Partners, and the Rimon Law Group. But heres something we havent yet seen an establishedAmerican BigLaw firm that has actively bought intothis concept, l ikeBerwin Leighton Paisner (Vaults 30 UK law firm) has BLP is one traditional City firm to wake up to the opportunity and threat that this method of practice represents. Its Lawyers on Demand service is aimed at clients looking for an in-house secondment or locum-style arrangement. A pool of 28 freelance lawyers (only one of whom is former BLP) work with clients on a contract basis, vetted and supported throughout by the firm. Simon Harper, the partner in charge, explains that Lawyers on Demand aims to handle more kenntnis work that companies cannot resource in-house but for which they do not need a City firm. -posted by brian